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Our primary goals are to maximize the profits of all items, leave the home empty of all contents and have it ready for the next step...selling it.


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Relic Road is holding our last estate sale house of 2018! We have the privilege of opening up a wonderful home to our Relic Charm, who's previous occupant had a life straight out of a movie! George Rybak, who was born in 1929 in Prague, was not even a teenager before he experienced WWII first hand. He had to flee his family home, where he was forced to make a 50 mile journey to his grandmother's house, while his parents were arrested by Nazi soldiers. His life was not an easy one, as he struggled for many years.

Skip forward to 1951, where 22 year old George escaped his war torn country to finally make it to America! This man had truly braved many hardships, while continuing to maintain his fighting spirit! Come learn the details of George Rybak's amazing story, as you peruse his treasured belongings.  We can't wait to showcase these items to you and share more about this marvelous man; His old world style belongings, love for arts, antiques and historic relics will blow you away! Come see us! You will not want to miss our last sale of the year!! See you soon!

- Holly and the Relic Roadies

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