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It's easy! Relic Road is the answer to a stress free Estate Sale or Buyout process. From start to finish, our proven method ensures maximum profits, along with catered and quality care during this time of transition in your life. We've got you! Click here for details!

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Holly and her Relic Roadies bring a unique set of skills, gifts and talents to provide you with a one of a kind experience that is tailored to your specific needs. Click "Relic Roadies" at the top of the page to meet the team! Click here to learn how we help!


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We want to ensure that you have a positive and profitable estate sale or buyout experience! Click here to check out what we've been up to, and to see what our clients and customers are saying about Relic Road Estate Sales!

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Contact us to set up your free consultation and just see what we can do for you. Many people mistakenly assume that an estate sale is ONLY for the wealthy or only needed after a loved one has died. Both of these assumptions are false. Give Holly and her Relic Roadies the chance to help you rid yourself of unnecessary, burdensome possessions. The process is straightforward and requires minimal work on your part. Email or call the number above to set up your free consultation, today!



Summer might be winding down, but Relic Road is heating up! Welcome to Sun City!🌞 We are so excited to be in the home of Cheryl Wills, a retired school teacher/actress, and Dick Wills, a retired Marine Periodontist and photography buff! We have heirlooms dating back to the 1800’s, when Dick’s Grandfather was born! A country doctor from Ohio, Dick’s grandfather worked specifically for people building the railroad!  How cool is that?! All kinds of items are waiting for you, like furniture, silver, potted plants, kitchenware, jewelry, clothing and accessories, china, outdoor decor, and more! We also have TONS of collectibles, including Lladro, Nao, Boyd’s Bears, and comic books!!! Mr. Wills’ dad was a Dentist, and Cheryl worked as an actress right here in Sun city, Georgetown, so we have all kinds of unique items available for purchase! Stage props, Military fatigues, suits, hats, vintage Dentist books and collectibles are just the top of the iceberg! We even have vintage toys and books from the Wills’ childhood! There is literally something for everyone at this Georgetown estate sale, so come check it out!!! See you guys soon!!


- Holly and the Relic Roadies


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