How We Help

We know and understand how overwhelming this season of life can be.  Many circumstances bring clients to our door. Relic Road brings a unique set of personalities with qualified skills, gifts and talents to your sale. We help by coordinating a sales event tailored for you with a comprehensive package of marketing and sales experience along with a team that is caring not just for your belongings but for you and your family as well.   



We provide a free one-hour consultation to get to know each other, walk through the home, discuss the process we use and answer any questions. If we are a good fit for your needs, then we will set a time frame, review the contract, collect a house key and gather important information we may need for the sale of specific items and pick a date that works for the event. IMPORTANT!! Please don’t throw anything away, take anything to donations or have a garage sale. We use these alternatives after everything has had a chance to sell. If an item is usable (not chipped or broken), then it has potential to sell.

  • Let us determine if an item has value. We have countless stories of items tossed that would have brought good money at the sale.
  • The  more items we have in the sale, the better the attendance will be.
  • There needs to be something for everyone.
  • At our first meeting we begin by walking through the home determining what is for sale and getting history on some of the items and an understanding of how we can meet expectations. 
  • We do not begin work in the home until the family has removed all the items that are to be kept. This ensures no items are sold by mistake.  We ask that family members remove anything that they are keeping or that is not for sale before we begin. Sometimes this is is hard to do before we start organizing the sale and we have some alternative ideas for these situations. 
  • We stage the home in a manner that is proven to provide a better visual experience for customers and spotlights your items to maximize the selling potential at your event.  
  • We spend the first few days sorting, throwing out trash and bringing everything out of cupboards, drawers and cabinets. Items are researched, cleaned, organized, photographed, placed and priced. We start tagging and pricing three to four days before the sale. 
  • All jewelry will be removed off site for its protection. Fine jewelry will be taken to a jeweler for appraisal. It will all be brought back into the home the morning of the sale. Fine jewelry will be secured in closed cases at all times.
  • The amount of time we need access to the home can range from 10-14 days depending on the size of the home and the quantity and quality of the items for sale.  We bring all our own supplies, tables, table draping, cash register and pricing equipment.



This is the day that we have all been working towards!  Our goal is to make sure that everyone who enters your home is respectful, having fun and are happy with the treasures they have found.  Often these are very fast paced and high energy days of selling and Relic Road wants to assure you that we have plenty of team members on staff to keep you, your home and everyone in the community safe.  IMPORTANT:  This is the day that we have been preparing for the community, the sale event that will in turn benefit all of us.  With this in mind, we respectfully ask that you refrain from attending the sale. Often this causes an environment of uncomfortability for you, the community, and Relic Road; therefore hurting the outcome we have all worked very hard to obtain. Thank you. 

  • Most sales last one to two days and sometimes three days, if the situation warrants that. We will determine this at the time of our walk through.
  • We follow closely what your neighborhood or community allows for events of this nature and will respect the guidelines
  • With the amount of traffic entering your home we take all the necessary precautions to keep floors maintained.  Thus far we have never had any complaints about the foot traffic that a sale creates. We also control the amount of people we allow to come in at one time. 
  • We begin the sale at 8am.  People usually begin to show up 30-1 hour ahead of time to be in line.  Relic Road is onsite by 7am.
  • At the end of the day we straighten and prep for the next day. Our cash box is never left on site. We secure the house and exit.
  • Day two and possibly three repeat day one. 



We at Relic Road go out of our way to make your sale safe, professional, successful and fun for everyone who attends! Thank you for trusting us with your important, family treasures.  IMPORTANT:  This process happens quickly so that the next stage of your needs can begin as soon as possible. Before the sale is over we will predetermine what fits your needs in regards to finalizing the sale process.

  • Sales are finalized and proceeds deposited the next business day. Your check will be mailed to you within 3 business days. 
  • For a separate fee, Relic Road offers a liquidation option for leftover items after the sale ends. This is discussed during the signing of contract process.
  • The liquidation option includes the house being emptied off all contents, swept or vacuumed, and cleared of all trash.  
  • If our liquidation option is selected, by 9:00 pm on Sunday, Relic Road will have the house cleared and ready to be turned back over to you.



Most people think advertising and marketing are the same thing, but in reality, marketing covers a much broader spectrum! Our marketing not only informs the community of our sales, but we also take the time to build relationships by interacting with our followers! We engage and follow up on the people we reach with our funny videos and posts, special offers, promotional emails, personal connections, precise staging and more, to establish an audience that are sure to return! Most estate sale companies only offer advertisement of your items and put signs up during sale days, but Relic Road goes much further to make sure you get the maximum profits in an efficient way.

  • Marketing begins on day 1, during our first meeting, so that maximizing profits starts right away. We inform the community of the upcoming sale in your area and update throughout prep days to create and sustain excitement. 
  • Relic Road uses a variety of media platforms, including, Craigslist, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, the week before the sale and continuously leading up to and during sale days.
  • Relic Road has an email list of hundreds of buyers who frequent our sales. Email reminders are sent out weekly, announcing our featured events. On sale days, we encourage every buyer to sign up for our email list, so they never miss our on one of our sales!
  • Our marketing targets, but is not limited to, Austin and its surrounding areas. 
  • We include briefly marketing your home, with provided information if the home is up for sale. 
  • We take the time to market individual pieces, with more photos and detailed descriptions to gain more attention to unique items, as well as the sale as a whole.
  • Staging your items in their best light is a great way for buyers to see the potential of your treasures for sale in your home. This is another marketing technique that Relic Road includes in our process to increase purchases. Relic Road makes sure every piece has its moment to shine!
  • We place signs in strategic places in and around the home, in accordance with the city code and restrictions. These give information about our sale days, inform buyers of our rules and regulations, and direct them to every room in the house. This ensures that every room gets visited!
  • We brand ourselves! We organize our events in a way that is the same every time so people know what to expect from us as a company. This provides a relaxing experience for our Relic Charm!
  • Relic Road makes every sale a big event! We provide treats and drinks to help create a positive and lasting experience. Our friendly and inviting team makes our sale days fun, which guarantees us many repeat customers!



One of the things we love most about what we do, is connecting with people on a deeper and personal level. We have dedicated followers, called our “Relic Charm”, that fly with us to every sale down the Relic Bird Road! We build new relationships through every sale. Our company is sincerely interested and invested in the wellbeing of our clients, their treasures, and our customers who participate and support us. YOU ARE IMPORTANT to Relic Road!

  • We have a professional, friendly, well-trained staff, committed to the success of your sale.
  • We utilize our own camera security system to ensure the safety of your home and its contents during the sale process. When necessary, we provide a trained security guard during the sale event.
  • Relic uses Square as our business platform to ensure accurate accounting of sales that then allows us to pay you quicker.
  • Relic Road is insured for your protection and can provide this documentation upon request. 
  • We have a personal marketer, dedicated to gaining as much attention to your sale as possible. This is a unique advantage to our team and your event, as marketing is a key factor in maximizing profits while clearing your space.
  • Relic Road’s unique way of marketing via several social media platforms to help us to reach the most amount of people possible. This provides a fresh and youthful spin in the estate sale world, allowing us to reach a further audience, going beyond the typical estate sale shopper.
  • Through every sale and relationships we form, we receive contact information about collectors and customers who are interested in specific items, so that they know we have what they’re looking for!